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The following excerpts are from interviews conducting with Vietnam Veterans as part of the oral history project at Slinger High School. Slinger High School teachers utilize the experiences to supplement their teaching about the Vietnam War in history and literature classes.  This page is a work-in-progress and is not comprehensive of all veterans we have talked to.  The pandemic has slowed plans a bit. More entries may be added at a later date.  Stay tuned for an in-person event in the 2020-2021 school year that has more comprehensive local veteran data. 

*excerpt from Don Thies (Fighting in Vietnam),  text transcripts  from part of Thies' story, Story about Flag he received

*excerpt from Thomas Haase (Vietnam experience), student paper 

*excerpt 1 from Richard Gellendin (Advisor to South Vietnamese Military Police), student paper coming soon

*excerpt 2 from Richard Gellendin (Coming Home from Vietnam)

*excerpt 1 (Boot camp) from Jim Lorch

*excerpt 2 (Going to Vietnam) from Jim Lorch

*excerpt 3 (Music in Vietnam) from Jim Lorch

*excerpt from Kenneth Castello (Cryptographer, Going to Vietnam, Coming Home from Vietnam, Hmong Home Army collaboration)

*excerpt from Jim Wiedmeyer (National Guard on home front)

*photo from Jim Wiedmeyer (Names of Slinger Area Guardsmen shown: Steve Bablitch, Dick Fiewayes, Jerry Marx, Jim Tennies, Ron Schmidt, Jim Wiedmeyer, Jack Tennies).

*student paper about Mike Carney (Air Force Secret Service)

*student paper about Brian Ciriacks

More angles will be added at a later date.



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