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Web design leadership by students, Carlene Konrath. Kiara Young, Adella Knight, and Julia O'Neill. 

For a Ken Leeson story about the Dairy Bar and Downtown Businesses, click here.

1950's photo above courtesy of Washington County Historical Society (042, 036) 

About the Project

While local history projects have been part of the Slinger High School social studies curriculum since 2000, the Slinger Area History Culture Project has been an on-going project at Slinger High School since 2013.  With the help of local community members, business leaders, sociology professors, local historians, humanities experts, and teachers, students are able to interact with others to learn about the Slinger area (past and present).  History students build historical questions about the past and utilize primary and secondary sources to come up with conclusions.  Sociology students create sociological questions and then take photos, observe, and make site visits, conduct interviews, and administer surveys to try to come up with conclusions about culture.  Generally, social studies students then find a time to share some of what they've learned with the public.  A special focus during the 2018-2019 school year was on the history and culture of the village of Slinger in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the village celebrated in 2019. 


Special thanks to the Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture, Wisconsin Humanities Council, the UW-Oshkosh Sociology department, the Slinger 150th Anniversary Committee, the Slinger Advancement Association, the History Center of Washington County, the Hartford History Room, the Slinger Fire Department, Slinger Public Library, the Cemeterians, the Slinger Historical Museum, the Slinger School District, the Village of Slinger, the Slinger/Allenton Rotary, the Kettle Moraine Playhouse, Little Switzerland Ski Hill, the Slinger Super Speedway, the Slinger House, the 150th Anniversary Committee, the Slinger Area History/Culture committee, and the many alumni and community members who helped make this project possible through various aspects of support.  Appreciation goes to Nancy Schilling-Genz and students Carlene Konrath, Kiara Young, Julia O-Neill, and Adella Knight this year and Alyssa Koepke, Ryan Mueller, and Julia Gueller in previous years for website creation support.  

Many of the photos and documents students and teachers use in research in the classroom are from the archives of the History Center of Washington County, the Hartford History Room and the books created under leadership of the Slinger Advancement Association.  We thank these organizations and their leaders (past and present) for opening up their archives so students can learn more about local history. 

Particular thanks to Dean Leisgang, Communications Director at CESA7 for his video production help for this project.  For inquiries, contact Dean at 920-617-5633 or at

Contact for more information or to offer ideas on local history/culture work.

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Description of the Culminating Event by Slinger Area History Culture Night Committee Member (above)

IMG-7014 (1).JPG
Flipgrid interviews from 2019 event (courtesy of Paul Walter)
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