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Slinger street signs tell a story about the community. Many roads focus on natural landscape, geographic locations, Presidents, and people who sold land for the road.

Created by Digital and Video production students, Riley Alton, Madison Lastovich, and Sam Schodron

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According to the Village of Slinger Comprehensive Plan (2017), data was gathered in a series of meetings open to the public between 2003 and 2007 concerning the vision of Slinger (present/future).  One of the subtopics discussed was Slinger values.  Here is the list that the people involved with the meetings to create a 2007 plan came up with:

Village Values: The values that influence people to remain, take pride in and become actively involved in the community were identified by Community Members during the creation of the 2007 Comprehensive Plan.

▪ We value our great schools.

▪ We value our police department and low crime rate.

▪ We value our variety of local services & shopping choices – post office, public library, supermarket, bakery, etc. ▪ We value our easy access to I-41, STH 175 and STH 60.

▪ We value our local churches.

▪ We value our affordable housing choices.

▪ We value our family atmosphere.

▪ We value our sense of community – people know one another, take pride in the Village, and are involved in local issues.

▪ We value our small town feeling near urban areas.

▪ We value our abundant recreation choices and programs, including skiing and auto racing.

▪ We value our beautiful setting in the Kettle Moraine area with its open spaces, rolling hills, and scenic views.

▪ We value our small-town atmosphere.

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